Introducing Leilani Nevaeh Our Rainbow

Hello everyone! As you can maybe tell from my 10 Ways To Bond With Your NICU Baby blog post I am officially back to blogging! I don’t want to come on here and do a super lengthy post, I just wanted to quickly introduce Leilani but more details and the birth story will be coming soon hopefully.


It turns out being a parent to two children, trying to look after myself, a husband and a home is pretty time consuming and even more so when Leilani likes it best when she’s asleep on either me or Fabian. So the blogs might be coming out a little slower at the moment but hopefully as we get into a better routine this will change!

working mum blogging with newborn 2

I’ll give you the main details you’ll all be wanting to know and then you can ogle adorable baby pics below! (I’ll be saving some baby pics for the birth blog though!).

Leilani Nevaeh

Planned C Section at 37+6 weeks on 14th January 2019

Born at 9.51am

Weighing 4lb 13oz


Until next time,

Holly x