Silver Rose Travels The World

Travelling is a passion of mine. It’s not so much feasible as I’ve become an adult and actually have to pay for myself. I was very lucky as a child to be spoilt rotten and travel the world. I’ve visited America and Asia several times, explored Europe and even ventured to Australia and India.

One thing that crossed my mind when coming to terms with the concept of losing a child was all the holidays we would never get to do together. All the Eurocamp trips at a young age and the long haul flights as she grew. She would never get to experience any of these.

Luckily I have some amazing friends in my life that have taken Silver in their hearts along with their travels. She has even managed to go to places I have not yet had the fortune of visiting! I thought this might be a nice blog to share her own personal album of travels from around the world.

The Wild Atlantic Way into County Mayo, Ireland

Calla Millor, Majorca with my dear friend Rebecca

Koh Samui on my good friends Emma and Nick’s honeymoon

Cuba, from a good friend and dog walking client (and fellow Alaskan Malamute owner!)

Eastbourne Beach
Eastbourne Beach with all her angel friends, kindly taken by @mama_scarlett on Instagram.

New Zealand
New Zealand with my special friend Keara

Paris on my brother Marc and sister-in-law Pippa’s honeymoon

Carved into a tree in the Silver Garden in Singapore with one of my husbands friends

Words can’t express how much this means to loss parents. At a time when they were unable to have an alive baby, the only thing they can hope for is to keep their babies name and memory alive. It is such a simple gesture that can mean so much and I strongly urge the next time you find yourself in beautiful surroundings, write down their baby’s name on a scrap of paper or in the soil/ sand and send it to them. It might be just what they need on a difficult day.

We did this as a way of celebrating Silver’s six-month birthday and including all of her angel friends which you can view here. I am also super excited that we have just recently booked a holiday to Disney Florida. The day before Silver passed away, I promised we would take her to Disney Florida for a family holiday and I am looking forward to keeping that promise, even if it is not in the context I had wished and hoped for.

Until next time,

Holly x

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