The Butterfly Awards – Inspirational Mother

The Butterfly Awards are an amazing ceremony and dinner held each year honouring people within the baby loss community, from midwives, cherished keepsakes and the category I have been shortlisted for, inspirational mother. The event itself is hosted by Finley’s Footprints who offer a range of services including bereavement study days and hope coaching for bereaved parents.

Being a mother has been such an amazing yet heart wrenching journey for myself. I often swing between feelings of pride and achievement for both myself and my children to feelings of guilt and bittersweet happiness. Being nominated was a shock with my lack of self confidence but a pinnacle moment of pride as a mum to two angels and two rainbows.

I won’t go into too much detail on here but simply wished to share my exciting news and invite you to visit my profile on their page where you can vote and also my video submission which I loved creating and I am so proud of!

My Profile

Inspirational Mother Category

My Video Submission

You can also attend the event yourself if you would like and purchase tickets here. Or if you can’t attend you can also have your baby included and remembered in the ceremony by adding their name to a butterfly or the candle that will be lit by making a donation. If you missed out on nominating someone who you feel deserved an award for their contribution to the baby loss community you can also make a nomination for next years awards too.

Losing a baby gives you no option but to be strong and survive. All bereaved parents are both inspirational and strong and I already feel like a winner to say I am the proud mum of Stork, Beau, Silver and Leilani.

Until next time,

Holly x

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