Introducing Silver Lining

For a while now I’ve been working on a secret project whilst dropping hints on my Instagram. I decided with my video for The Butterfly Awards to finally announce what I’ve been working on.

Introducing Silver Lining!

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Silver lining represents the iconic catchphrase every cloud has a silver lining. Through my journey of baby loss I have tried to always see the positives. Sometimes people will offer words of comfort in loss and the phrase everything happens for a reason can naively and through best intentions come out. I don’t necessarily agree but I am able to see how this loss has changed me into a better person.

I was able to donate all of my milk, a great thing that will have helped many other babies and a selfless act despite our personal loss. I also feel I have learnt a great life lesson and can truly appreciate the blessings within my life such as my two living children. I have a greater appreciation for the fragility of life and understand the value of time well spent.


When I was pregnant with our rainbow baby I decided I wanted a personalised birth plan, something visual that would clearly convey we were loss parents expecting our rainbow baby. I loved the opportunity to get creative. Once our rainbow Leilani Nevaeh was born I decided I wanted to use my creativity to make something special for the baby loss community.

It has been a difficult year, battling my own health and working slowly on my ideas as and when I was able. I am pleased however to announce Silver Lining is now ready to go with the first items ordered and being processed.

We will soon be launching with two pin badges. One for angel mamas and one for angel dads. Similar to my birth plan, you will be able to wear these proudly and immediately convey a message to other people. It also invites others to ask about your angel baby which I know is something so many angel parents crave. The opportunity to talk about our babies means so much to so many of us and I love the fact these badges will give this comfort to grieving parents and also raise awareness of baby loss which is so important.

As a mother to Silver Rose, a premature baby born at 890g and Leilani Nevaeh a tiny baby weighing 4lb 13oz at birth I am also working on designing clothing specifically for preemie and tiny babies. We found it incredibly difficult to find a good selection of clothes for Leilani as she was even too small for tiny baby size initially. Silver passed away at just over 1kg and we found preemie size was too big for her funeral so I really want to offer parents more options than we personally had.

We have a lot of other plans too including blankets and muslins but our priority with this business is to raise awareness for baby loss, cherish the life of living babies, raise money through each item donating to charity and to allow me to financially contribute to my family whilst still being able to spend maximum time enjoying my own children. I can appreciate how valuable time is and realise how important it is to spend as much time enjoying my own family as possible, knowing just how lucky I am to be a mummy.

Our two chosen charities are The Lullaby Trust and Tiny Lives. We wanted to chose one larger well-known charity but also a smaller more localised charity. Both these charities have supported our family personally.

The Lullaby Trust has offered amazing bereavement support through their befriender scheme to my husband and also days out for our family where we could meet other bereaved families. They also do fantastic work raising awareness for SIDS and safe sleep which we have found incredibly valuable since having a rainbow baby.

Tiny Lives are localised to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle and directly worked with Silver and ourselves whilst she was on ward 35 NICU. Tiny lives provided Silver with bedding and a physiotherapist whilst supporting us through a social worker, mini boo for bonding, psychologist, social worker and more.

bonding with NICU baby Silver rose bedside cuddles

I am nervously excited for this new venture and hope more than anything I will be able to make Silver Rose proud. Each time I get anxious I remember how brave I had to be to continue her pregnancy and undergo surgery for her. I also remember how brave she was each and every day and know that if she could be brave through those sixteen days then so can I.

I would love your support with this new venture and welcome you to check out my social media pages and share with your friends and families. We will be producing items not just specifically for the baby loss community but each item will give a set donation back to the aforementioned charities.



Until next time,

Holly x

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